American Society of Landscape Architects Headquarters

Washington, DC
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Application en penteSystème Garden Roof®
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 sq. ft. pi. ca.
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When the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) wanted a high profile location to best demonstrate how landscape architects play a central role in green roof design and construction, it needed to look no further than atop its own headquarters building. And, when ASLA wanted an engineered assembly that would allow it to show how environmental and aesthetic benefits of a green roof can best be maximized, it needed to look no further than the Garden Roof Assembly® from American Hydrotech. 

The previous black tar surfaced the roof of the ASLA headquarters building in Washington, DC, is now a landmark demonstration project, containing six distinct Garden Roof conditions, representing extensive, semi-intensive, and intensive systems ranging in growing media depth of 3 - 18 inches. Two "waves" dominate the design and allow for the greatest green coverage possible for the 3,300 square-foot roof surface. Surrounding these is a third green roof system, covered by metal grating that allows visitors to walk over the planted material. The Garden Roof Assembly® plays an integral and essential role in the roof's design. 

We chose this assembly because of its storm water management capabilities as well as its ability to improve the "building's energy efficiency," Nancy Somerville, executive vice president and CEO of ASLA, said of ASLA's decision to go with the Garden Roof Assembly®. "American Hydrotech lends a great deal of technical expertise to its projects and provides an outstanding warranty." 

MM6125® fabric reinforced seamless membrane is protecting the integrity of the over structure. And, to effectively confine and stabilize the growing medium on the sloped "waves" of the Garden Roof, ASLA has installed American Hydrotech's new GardNET®.

2010 Green Roofs for Healthy Cities Award of Excellence - Intensive Institutional Category
American Society of Landscape Architects
Architecte Paysagiste: 
Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates
Forrester Construction Company


  • November 22, 2018
    -	Patrick Quenneville, conseiller technique associé chez Cometal; Pierre Boudrias, gestionnaire immobilier principal chez Bentall Kennedy; Denis Gingras de chez Membranes Hydrotech Corporation; Pierre-Luc Baril, ingénieur, vice-président et associé principal chez Pageau Morel; ainsi que Rodrigue Paulin, architecte chez Paulin architectes

    Nous sommes très reconnaissants d'avoir obtenu ce prix mérité pour notre innovation en matière d'environnement.  La MM6125 contient 40% de matière recyclée post-consommateur.  En spécifiant notre membrane, les professionnels de la construction...

  • October 25, 2018

    Le verre recyclé postconsommation trouve désormais une nouvelle application dans la composition d'une membrane d'imperméabilisation.

    En 2016, Hydrotech amorce une démarche de recherche et développement en vue d'intégrer une nouvelle...